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Corporate Wellness Programs

Healthy Habits Weight Loss Program and Support Group at the Work Site

A six week Weight Loss Program that can be accomplished in one hour per week. A & B Nutrition Education can be flexible to schedule meetings at the worksite around business operations. Sessions are fun, interactive, educational and results oriented. Costs can be shared with employees or A & B Nutrition Education can provide a Superbill for wellness program insurance reimbursement.

Lunch and Learn Seminars

Give your employees the opportunity to be more productive at work by staying healthy and receiving education during the lunch hour at the work site. We offer a variety of 60 minute presentations that are interesting, interactive and informative.

Topics Include:

  • My doctor told me I'm Pre-Diabetic -- HELP
  • Heart Healthy Diets: or all fats are not created equal
  • Gluten Free Diets: wheat by a better name
  • Probiotics: assistance for your digestive problems
  • What are the latest weight loss diets, do they really work?
  • Are organic foods really worth the extra cost?

Other Nutrition Topics available upon request

Employee Individual Counseling

To assist with your wellness program and help employees with nutrition questions. A & B Nutrition Education can schedule to meet your staff on a one-on-one basis at the work site. All nutrition related topics can be addressed; Weight Loss, Digestive problems, Diabetes, General Nutrition, High Cholesterol

To schedule any corporate wellness programs please contact A & B Nutrition Education at 602-451-6873 or email